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Did your tenant skip out owing you money?

Are you so grateful that the tenant is gone that you haven’t tried to collect the money they owe you?

Chances are your tenant simply moved on to the next unsuspecting landlord with no consequences or motivation to pay the money that they owe you.

Landlords evict tenants daily and often get a court judgment against the former tenant for unpaid rent, expenses, damages, court costs, etc., and most of the time it doesn’t appear on the tenant's credit report. You can change that.

AOA can help you recover the debt, and if that doesn’t work, the tenant could be reported to a minimum of two credit reporting bureaus.

You can warn future landlords by reporting your former tenant to the credit bureaus if you don’t collect the debt. The tenant will be more motivated to pay off the money they owe you so that they can clean up their credit, especially if they are trying to rent or buy a house in the future.

Here’s how the service works:

1. We send a debt collection letter to the former tenant giving them the opportunity to pay 100% of what they owe to you directly.
2. Your tenant pays you in order to do future business.
3. If they do not pay you, or dispute the debt, they could be reported to a minimum of two credit reporting bureaus.
Low flat fee of just $11.95 per person reported

Debtors cannot be reported if they are still living on the premises or the date of delinquency is more than 4 years. Member agrees to inform AOA immediately upon receipt of any payment. Member agrees that AOA debt reporting may not be used in conjunction with any other collection agency.
AOA does not guarantee or warrant that each and every debt will be reported to credit bureaus. Disputed or contested claims will be referred to member for its respective reply and handling. Click here for Terms and Conditions!

Always hold your tenants accountable!
The law requires that consumers be notified any time before, or within 30 days after, you report a derogatory to the Credit Report Agency in substantially the following words: You are hereby notified that a negative credit report reflecting on your credit record may be submitted to a credit reporting agency if you fail to fulfill the terms of your credit/rental obligations. Only one notification to the consumer is necessary.
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