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PO Box 123456, Long Beach, CA 92172
     Account #: 123456
Ordering User: MRL MEMBER
Date: 08/19/2014 09:34 am
Type of Report(s): Experian

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Name: Rivera, Jane E   SSN: xxx-xx-1234   DOB: xx/xx/1992  
Current Address: 1234 Hidden St, Long Beach, CA 92105 Years: Months:
Current Job Income: /mo. Years: Months:
Property applied to: 1234 S Park Dr, 1234 S Park Dr, Long Beach, CA 92127  Sec. Deposit: 0.00  Applicants: 1

AOA Credit Report Grade Based on Grading Rules
 “F” Your applicant PASSED the criteria for grade F.

Note: This applicant received a pass or fail based on meeting 100% of the criteria for each grade. It is strongly recommended that you also: 1) obtain an eviction report, 2) obtain a TeleCheck report, 3) obtain a copy of their driver's license, 4) confirm applicant's employment and income, 5) confirm past and current residences, 6) take a picture of pets, if allowed, and all individuals planning to live in your unit, 7) do not discriminate, and 8) attend AOA's training seminars.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability

This report is confidential and is not to be disclosed except for persons who have legitimate purposes as defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other applicable Federal and State regulations. Information contained herein is derived solely from public records, which may not be 100 percent accurate or complete and is provided to you "AS IS," with no warranties or any kind to the fullest extent permissible under applicable law. Users should consult State and Federal laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act before using this information in making business decisions based on the results. Neither we nor our affiliates are liable for claims or damages arising from the use of this data, beyond the cost of the search(es) performed by users. Because mis-identifications may occur when trying to identify a particular person, based solely upon name and other identifiers, extreme care must be exercised in the review and use of the information available. This information should not be used in legal proceedings. It is recommended that users of this database obtain the original document from the jurisdiction for the purpose of legal proceedings.

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Important Note: If a rental applicant is refused for any reason based on information in this report, you are required by law to give the applicant a "Denial of Application to Rent" letter.

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