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AOA News and Buyers Guide • Los Angeles • March 2022 • (323) 872-3348 90 example. Assume you own or manage an apartment build- ing in the City of Los Angeles that is subject to the Los Ange- les RSO. You hired a resident manager, but he is not working out as you hoped and you want to replace him. The problem, of course, is that he is living in the apartment unit you need for his replacement. So, can you evict? Under the Los Angeles RSO, an on-site manager, under certain circumstances, obtains the rights of a regu- lar tenant – meaning he can be evicted only for certain RSO-permitted reasons. These rights kick in under the following circumstances: if (RSO) and the California rent control rules. My goal is for you to come away with at least a sense of the different factors that play a role in answering this deceivingly complex ques- tion. Resident Manager Under L.A. RSO Let's start with a common C lients thinking about terminating their resi- dent manager often want to know whether they will be able to evict after they end the resident manager’s em- ployment. A simple question but -- even ignoring any Covid eviction rules -- one that does not always have a simple an- swer. Many factors come into play and, even after those fac- tors are sorted out, the answer sometimes remains frustrating- ly unclear. So, I invite you below into my world – the world of legal analysis – as I explore how this question might play out both under the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance by Gary Ganchrow, Esq. My Resident Manager is Not Working Out – Now What? You should think through all of these issues when hiring, because who you hire and how you do it may have serious ramifications on your ability to evict later on. Corporate Member Same Day Mold Testing, Inc. Plumbing Leaks? Tenants Complaining About Mold? Need to Satisfy Your Due Diligence? Avoid One-Stop Remediators That Exaggerate Problems and Overcharge for Solutions. Mold Testing and Removal by the Same Company is Considered a Conflict of Interest! Call to Schedule an Appointment. 800-609-4214 www.SameDayMoldTesting.com We Look Forward to Serving You! $ 95 INSPECTION SPECIAL! CALL FOR DETAILS Use Promo Code “ AOA105 ” at Checkout for Online Bookings