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AOA News and Buyers Guide • Los Angeles • September 2023 • (323) 872-3348 34 make alterations to the prem- ises without first obtaining your written consent. In this case, I would present the tenant with an invoice to pay for the dam- age that occurred. Thereafter, I would serve a 3-day notice to perform or quit, requesting the tenant remove the washer and dryer and to pay for the outstanding charges. If the ten- ant does not comply, you could commence an eviction. Q3: My tenant is on Section 8. My tenant’s share of the rent is $212 per month. While I re- ceive rent from Section 8, my tenant has not paid rent since April 1, 2023. This property is day notice will be required. In your situation you cannot make a unilateral rent increase. Under Section 8 guidelines, all rent in- creases must first be approved by the Section 8 Program. You should check with your Section 8 advisor. Q2: My tenant installed a washer and dryer in his unit without my knowledge. I only found out about this installa- tion, as a leak from the washer caused damage to the unit be- low. What are my rights in this situation? A2 : Clearly, your tenant is responsible for the cost of the repair due to the water damage. In addition, your tenant cannot Below are questions asked by rental property owners re- garding California rent control laws followed by answers pro- vided by eviction attorney Den- nis Block. Q uestion 1: I have a Section 8 tenant. The rent that I am receiv- ing is far below the market for this single-family residence. I know that I can increase the rent, but I need to know what notices I should be serving. Answer 1 : A single-family residence is not subject to rent limitations. If you raise the rent more than 10%, a 90-day notice will be required. If the rent raise is 10% or less, a 30- &A& &A &A Q Q&A Q&A &A Q&AA Q&A Q&A Q Q&A Q&A Q&A Legal Questions & Answers by Dennis P. Block, Attorney - Carpet Cleaning - Window Washing - Glass Restoration - Floor Cleaning - Buffing Pressure Washing - Pressure Washing - Gutter Cleaning - Softwater Roof Washing - Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning and Repair of any kind (Silhouettes, Venetian, Duette, Country Wood ect,) Recurring, Basic and Deep Clean Service One-Time Cleaning, Same-Day Services All Cleaning Services "Making your day brighter" RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL • OFFICE JANITORIAL • POST-CONSTRUCTION HANDYMAN SERVICES • PAINTING Tovilla's Cleaning Services, LLC. (818) 691-5020 www.tovillascleaningservices.com • Patching • Remove & Repair • Curb • Gutters • Concrete • Striping • Signage • Asphalt Sealcoat • New Pavement Installation A+ ASPHALT PAVING (818) 397-9391 Fully Insured Lic. # 1092277 25 Years Experience (continued on page 36)