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FREE Forms for COVID-19 Related Issues

Posted on 30. Mar, 2020 by in all, Current Events

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Forms are usually a member benefit.  However, in light of the current crisis, and all of the additional burden landlords are having to face to continue housing tenants, even without payment of rent, AOA has made these COVID-19 forms FREE to all landlords.

5/22/20 PASADENA REQUIRED NOTICE TO TENANTS | This written notice must be provided within 30 days of the ordinance to each rental unit or the landlord may conspicuously post and prominently display this written notice in the common areas of the property during the local emergency. Don’t delay – take action today!

*5/8/20 LOS ANGELES UPDATED FORM | COVID-19 Renter Protections Fact Sheet | The COVID-19 Renter Protections Fact Sheet (Protections Notice) is required to be given to each residential tenant by the landlord per Ordinance 186606. The Protections Notice must be given to tenants by May 27, 2020. Additionally, effective May 12, 2020, a landlord must also include the Protections Notice when serving a tenant a notice to pay rent or quit, a notice to terminate a residential tenancy, a notice to perform covenant or quit, or any eviction notice served during the local emergency period and for 12 months after the expiration of the local emergency period. The Protections Notice must be in the language predominately used by the tenant. [RENTAL PROTECTIONS PAGE] [TEMPORARY PROTECTION OF TENANTS DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC (pdf)]

5/1/20 NOTICE OF MISSED RENTAL PAYMENT |  You may print this document directly or “copy & paste” onto your own letterhead to make edits.  Notice with breakdown of unpaid amounts.  Makes it clear, per current eviction ban, that it is not a notice to quit.  However, it reminds the tenants the rents are not forgiven.  Has suggestion to email the governor to ask for Rental Vouchers.

4/9/20 UPDATED Letter to Tenants About Unpaid Rent |  Send to your tenants to open up the line of communication regarding upcoming rent payments.  You may print this document directly or “copy & paste” onto your own letterhead to make edits.  If your property is in the city of Los Angeles, please see below for additional Los Angeles specific form.

*4/9/20 REQUIRED SANTA MONICA FORM | Beginning April 24, 2020, landlords must provide tenants with notice of the eviction moratorium as follows:

  • Landlords must either post notice at their property or mail (or email) notice to tenants;
  • Landlords must include notice of the moratorium when serving tenants with any notice to pay rent or quit, or other notices given to tenants as part of an eviction process;
  • Landlords must provide tenants with notice of the moratorium in the event that they file an unlawful detainer action in court;
    The required notice language is provided in the moratorium.

3/31/20 REQUIRED LOS ANGELES FORM | Notice of Temporary Relief for Qualified Renters in Los Angeles:  Landlords of LARSO (rent control) buildings are REQUIRED to give written notice of the eviction protections to tenants within 30 days of March 31, 2020.

3/30/20 Payment Plan for Past Due Rent |  Use this agreement to solidify your payment plans with your tenants.  REMINDER:  State/local moratorium supersedes any payment agreements. Payment agreements are entered in “good faith” between landlord and tenant, but may not be enforceable until after such time indicated by state/local moratorium.

3/24/20 REQUIRED REDWOOD CITY FORM | Before taking any action to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent or no-fault terminations, landlords must notify their tenants of the emergency regulation using this form.

3/19/20 Sample Coronavirus (COVID-19) Memo to Tenants |   General letter to send to tenants – includes toilet stoppage reminder.


* also listed on AOA Landlord’s Resource: Coronavirus (COVID-19) AOA page