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Do You Have One or More Former Tenants Who Left Owing You Money?

Over the years, many, many visitors to have asked the question: "Is there a way I report my former tenants' debts to the major credit bureaus?"

GOOD NEWS! Announcing...

MrLandlord's New and Improved Debt Reporting and Collection Service!

MrLandlord has partnered with a debt collection agency that boasts one of the highest success rates in the industry . While their success rate consistently beats national averages, please understand that they may not collect from every debtor. However, the mark on the debtor's credit report remains visible for other owners to see. And there is the chance that once the debt is put on the tenant's credit report, I have personally had resident's get back with me one, two, three years or more later wanting to pay off the debt because they were now ready to buy a house, but could not do so until the debt was clear.

You simply sign up to use this service by clicking here to create a free account. Then whenever you wish to report a resident to the credit bureaus for one low fee, you will be able to do so online 24 hours a day and seven days a week and it will be charged to whatever credit card you put on file.

Current users of the MrLandlord Online Tenant Screening Service do not have to register, because they are already in the system. They can access the new debt reporting services by simply logging in on the same “credit report” page, navigate to the “Debt Collections” tab that is nested under the “Resources” tab where you go for requesting credit reports.

Please note: Landlords who just want to use the new debt reporting services, and not any of the other screening services, you are welcome to do so. Even though the log-in page for both debt reporting and requesting credit checks is the same, you do not have to use the credit report services. And for those just using the debt reporting services, other than your credit card information, no additional rental documents are required or need to be submitted. Any and all landlords are encouraged to use the service.

Hold Renters Accountable For Their Actions Through the Credit Bureaus!

By more and more of us holding our former tenants accountable, with you and other landlords reporting former tenant's debt, we will all have a greater chance of knowing if our applicants have outstanding debts before we give residents the keys to one of our units. If it’s on their record, at least other owners won’t have to go through what you or other landlords went through!

Here’s How it Works

No Court Judgment is Required! All you need to do is provide the necessary information about your delinquent ex-tenant, any relevant leasing documents, other supporting documents, along with a final accounting statement to establish your debt claim through our specialized third-party rental debt collection agency.

Once your rent is reported and claim is accepted, you enter into an agreement with the collections agency, who will also work hard to collect the debt. They will give you 60% of first placement accounts and 50% of pre-legal/litigation accounts. (They even help to collect COVID rent!)

Different Approach from Other Agencies

As we interviewed many different collection agencies, we came to understand that many collection agencies hold active and inactive accounts. These companies decide to only pursue certain accounts that they determine are more collectable. Our debt collection partner commits to working on every account until the debtor pays or until there is a lawful reason to stop, such as the debtor's death or bankruptcy.

Get Started with the Debt Collection Service Today!

Your cost to report the debt of a former resident to major credit bureaus is only $12.95 per submission. To get started with the Debt Collection Service, first take just a few minutes to register and open up a free account, if you do not already have an account. Simply click here.

If you already have a free tenant screening account, log now into your member account and navigate to the “Debt Collections” tab that is nested under the “Resources” tab. You will find more information about the service and which specific documents are needed when you are ready to turn your delinquent ex-tenant over to the collection agency. And begin the process to turn some of your debts into cash! 🙂

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