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Two National Eviction Reports for the price of one: Coverage in all 50 States*
- Only $8.95  (sample report)


Recommended Option - COMBINED Report (Credit Report w/ a FICO Score, PLUS two National Eviction Reports) - Only $14.95  (sample report)

The two National Eviction Reports, available through, access some of the most complete eviction information from one of the nation's largest data collection networks in the country. The two National Eviction Reports offered here are inexpensive and are an absolute must for discovering if prospective tenants have been served and sued by previous landlords for not paying their rent.

The two national eviction reports can provide prior tenant eviction cases filed, which may include the address of case, date filed, plaintiff's name, the outcome of case (i.e. judgment information). These two reports may also include "non-monetary" judgments that are not normally reported to the credit bureaus. Some applicants may have a decent credit report and FICO score (they may even seem like "nice" people); however; it's also important to see if there's any eviction reports on file for them. PLUS a Sex Offender, Terrorist Search and Most Wanted Criminal Search, all of which are included as part of the Eviction Reports. Not convinced yet of the importance or value of eviction reports? Keep reading.

More than three-fourths of all eviction hearings will not appear on an applicant's credit report. In addition, it normally takes over 90 days (more than three months) from an initial filing for eviction for it to even appear on a credit report, if it ever does. The vast majority of eviction filings never even make it on the applicant's credit report because the eviction was stopped, or the applicant paid after they were served by the court, but before a judgment was ordered. As you can see, these are just some of the reasons why most eviction hearings never appear on the applicant's credit report. Therefore, if you are relying only on the credit report to make your screening decision, you may be missing vital information to identify potential deadbeats.

Our screening recommendation is to request a COMBINED "ESSENTIAL" REPORT on all prospective residents. We are excited to announce that a COMBINED "ESSENTIAL" REPORT is available to all visitors. The COMBINED "ESSENTIAL REPORT" includes a credit report, a FICO score PLUS two National Eviction Reports. When you order a COMBINED ESSENTIAL report for an applicant, the eviction report only costs you five dollars over the already low-cost credit check report. The cost of this COMBINED "ESSENTIAL" REPORT is only $14.95.

For a more comprehensive report, we also offer the COMPLETE Report for only $24.95. The COMPLETE Report includes a Credit Report with a FICO Score, SSN Verified on Credit Data, 2 National Eviction Reports with Sex Offender, Terrorist Search and Most Wanted Criminal Search, PLUS an Instant National Criminal Search.

NOTE: For landlords who want to order National Eviction Reports, please register now to open a free account (only if you've never registered before to use any of our screening services). Once registered, you will be able to request eviction reports immediately using our online services. You do not need to fill out the additional service agreements until you begin requesting credit reports or combined reports. Current users of the tenant screening services can access the Eviction Report options by logging in on the Credit Check Login

After you register, a follow-up email will be sent to you with instructions on how to access this service. You will then enter through the Credit Check Login area of this site whenever you wish to request an eviction report on any applicant. Remember - some applicants may have a decent credit report and FICO score (they may even seem like "nice" people), it's important to see if there are any eviction reports on file for them. We, therefore, highly encourage landlords, at your earliest convenience to take a few extra steps to be able to request a COMBINED report for any prospective resident.

You may also contact us Monday through Friday from 8:30 - 5:30 PST at (888) 294-4640 if you have any questions regarding registering, setting up your account or using any of the many valuable services offered on this site.

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